A coach is much, much more than what it is described on paper. To coach is to awaken, develop and enhance. Aside from enhancing skills and performance, coaches responsibilities include that of building trust and relationships through genuine communication. When a coach truly connects with the with their athletes they will make grand leaps of progress without ever having to raise their voice. This is a gift many seek, but can never fully understand. And it is when a coach evolves from mentor to friend, that the most fundamental growth takes place.

That is why, it is our number one priority to provide every member of Fitness Express with the experience that will enrich their lives both physically and mentally. 


My name is Mark Mangrum and I am the founder of Fitness Express. Like many people, my journey here was one influenced by my experiences at an early age. I fell in love with sports in my childhood and always strived to be athletic, “on the team,” and playing with my friends. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t keep up with other athletes.  I had a tutor to help me in the classroom, but never had a coach who could push me, physically, teach me the fundamentals and get me to the next level. And that’s why I went on to earn an advanced degree in Adapted Physical Education I wanted to be the change in the lives of kids who were just like me; I want all athletes to not feel let down and be able to achieve what they once thought was not attainable.

While Dean of Students at Killian Oaks Academy in Miami, Florida, a young, mother asked if I could teach her 12-year-old son how to ride a bike. The simple act of bringing joy to someone by teaching them a physical activity, fueled an inner desire I had to lend a hand. From there, I went on to coach and train kids at all levels in sports. Fitness Express was born and our "we come to you” message has remained a staple of how we operate, working from the comfort of your home. Servicing all athletes of all ages, gender and abilities.  We specialize in working with athletes with unique abelites


Hello, my name is Julio Diaz-Jane. I have been the Primary Physical Education teacher at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, FL for 11 years. I attended Wingate University in North Carolina, where I received a Bachelor's of Science in Sociology. In addition to teaching, I am the head of the Middle School Football and Lacrosse teams at Gulliver Prep and the head assistant Lacrosse coach at the High School Campus. 


Physical Education not only entails the mechanics of athletic activity, but how they can and should remain active. It provides athletes the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques, strategies, teamwork skills and problem solving.