Our goal is for everyone in Fitness Express to receive an individualized, sports experience you won’t find anywhere else. Through a one-on-one individualized approach, our coaches: help each individual focus on specific details of techniques; a breakdown of skills at all levels; and make sure every activity is rooted in enjoyment and surrounded by positive reinforcement.


To start someone down the path of achieving the unachievable, we first conduct a professional evaluation that will help us better understand their needs and goals so that we may partner them with the coach that best suits them. Fitness Express coaches differ from others in the profession because they go to the individual. We understand how important being comfortable is and that is why a place of their choosing is both perfect for them and for us.

After speaking with the new coach, they can then decide which fitness express plan is best suited for them. Options are five or ten lessons. Each lesson ranges from 30 to 45 minutes and are usually held twice a week.

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